Sesame and Stager Pastry Recipe

Sesame and Stager  Pastry Recipe

Sesame and Stager Pastry Recipe :
Ingredients :
1 package yeast
1.5 cups of warm milk
1 glass of mineral water (plain mineral water)
¼ cup butter
Half a cup of tea oil
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 egg yolk into the dough, sauce of molasses flux.
1.5 tsp salt (may be less)
I was going great, I add 1 teaspoon mahlep.
6,5-7 cups flour, but everyone will have a different measure of handling soft dough stick for him.
To find Bagels sauce:
2 tablespoons molasses
2 tablespoons water
1 egg white
We confuse these three thoroughly.
1 cup of water until the sesame seeds, sesame Teflon pan without burning Grease I will be a little nicer.
For the filling:
Cheddar or feta cheese.
Preparation of the dough:
Before complicate until the yeast and tahini tozşeker consistency. Then gradually we add all liquid ingredients by hand Katıp us a little more to the mix very well yoğural my hallucination. Our dough until it becomes doubled, it will be doubled in about 1 hour. (I was twice within 10 minutes) I dinlendirel in a warm place. Later cheddar in the middle of pushing our hand make smaller meringues from tangerine as put firmly close this form of the video or whether, as desired before molasses with water, then thirst bulayıp baking sheet tray us 15/20 minutes to get more tray yeast he stabbed over, steep cuts threw 180 degrees oven for six we cook until golden brown. Godspeed bon appetit honey healing to everyone.

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